Life is stressful. There we said it. You were thinking it. What can you do about it? How can you alleviate your stress, get healthier, happier and more relaxed and easily unwind at the end of the day? Water yoga. If you have ever tried yoga and love it, you will understand the benefits. If you have tried yoga and didn’t like it, then water yoga may be just what the doctor ordered.

Simply being in water soothes body and mind. Being in the water and being weightless is a great next step toward relaxation and healthfulness. Yoga has benefits, and beauty and brings joy — especially when you’re in the pool. Water yoga is a great way to get in shape, relax and not put any stress on your joints but you will still get a great workout.

Water yoga for relaxation

We’d already mentioned that the buoyancy of the water removes potential stress or strain on muscles or joints. Don’t think that this means you won’t reap any health benefits or feel like you’ve had a great yoga workout when you’re in the pool because you will.

How can you possibly practice yoga in the swimming pool?

Caring For Backyard Pond Wildlife This WinterThere are yoga poses that lend themselves to in-pool practice and those include:

  1. The Warrior pose. Warrior and Warrior II is a classic pose. The benefit of doing this in the pool is that’ it’s easier to hold the pose.  you’re on dry land.

How can you do Warrior II in the pool (just like on land)

  • Stand with feet, hip distance apart
  • Turn right foot out so it’s facing forward
  • Lift your arms out of the water so they are perpendicular to your body
  • Keep your arms shoulder height
  • Lean toward your right, bend your right knee (make sure it doesn’t bend beyond your toes)
  • Sink your hips into the water; try to get your right thigh parallel to the floor of the pool
  • Engage your core
  • Breathe slowly through the pose

2. Boat Pose

Grab a pool noodle to help stabilize you.  Place the noodles lengthwise on either side of you. Stretch your legs out in front of you.

Push the noodles down into the water. Engage your core and lift your legs while your arms continue to push down on the pool noodles. Your goal is to get into a “v” pose, if possible. The water will support your legs. Your core will help keep your upper body steady.

Swimming Benefits Your Body's Core3. Hand to toe pose

This is a tougher pose on land, but the water helps make it easier, but still helps with flexibility.

  • Stand by the side of the pool and hold on to stabilize yourself
  • Lift your outer leg up
  • Bend your knee toward your chest
  • Grab your big toe and straighten your leg as much as you can
  • After you feel steady enough, rotate your leg out as far as you can
  • Stop if you begin to feel discomfort or pain.
  • Switch sides and do the same with your other leg

4. Floating Savasana or the resting pose. (this is done typically at the end of every yoga session to help center oneself and bring them back to the present.

  • Savasana in the swimming pool requires you to lie back and float.
  • Use a pool noodle to help you stay afloat.
  • Lie in the water.
  • Floating until you are relaxed and ready to stop your yoga poses.

Water — whether you’re in it or by it — relaxes many people and if you’re one of those who are soothed by water and by being in a pool AND if you love yoga, then try these in-pool yoga poses.

Aqua yoga

This is an ideal exercise whether you’re used to working out or if you’re new to it. It is ideal for anyone who is out of shape or who may be suffering an injury. Yoga in the water allows your body to heal and lets you remain active in a slow-flowing exercise routine that puts no strain on injured muscles or joints.

Relaxing AND working out? Sign us up!