When you have a swimming pool you want to be in it for as many hours and weeks and months of the year that you can, right? If you live in many areas of Arizona or California, swim season is usually longer than for those who live in the Northeast, for example. If you want to find a way to extend the swim season for more months of the year, you may want to talk with your pool contractor about adding a pool heater to your pool equipment.

There are three types of pool heaters:

  1. Solar
  2. Gas or propane
  3. Electric

Research the prices for the equipment, installation and ongoing utility costs for each of the three types and make an informed decision. Solar, even though you have to invest in the equipment, is the least expensive to operate as it will rely on the heat of the sun to warm the pool water. The drawback, though, is if the sun doesn’t shine, the water won’t get very warm.

A heated swimming pool is luxurious. When you swim on a cool night or afternoon it is a beautiful sight to see the steam rising off the surface of the water — it is beautiful and eerie. With a pool heater you can decide if you want to simply take the chill off the water or if you want to swim in water that is bathtub water warm. The choice, when you have a pool heater, is yours.

Here are some items to consider if you think you want a pool heater. use a pool heater

  1. You may be able to use the pool year round. If you don’t like having to close your pool and shut it down for the season — every season, a pool heater can extend the time you can use your swimming pool — in some areas of the country for the entire year! When you can use your pool for more months of the year you are enjoying the investment you’ve made and that’s worth it.
  2. Be aware that it can be cost prohibitive to heat a swimming pool. You’re heating a LOT of water when you use a pool heater and this means the drain on your family budget for the pool water heating could be very spendy! Know what you can afford for pool water heating and budget for that before you decide to jump in with both feet and invest in a pool heater.
  3. The pool water will be comfortable. Even if you use it to take the chill off, you can swim for more weeks of the year and you don’t have to worry about chattering teeth and freezing limbs! Heating the pool will make it more comfortable and enjoyable.
  4. You will want to have your pool contractor undertake pool heater maintenance to assure it’s working at its peak efficiency and that you’re getting the most bang from your heating buck.
  5. Don’t forget… when you use your pool for more weeks of the year, you will also have to budget for pool maintenance and upkeep.

Before you make the investment in a pool heater, truly look at the number of hours you and your family spend in the pool on a weekly basis. If you’re only in an hour or so a week during peak swim season, will you truly use it more frequently in the winter months? Are you kidding yourself and spending money unnecessarly? If, however you and your family are in the pool for dozens of hours a week in peak season, chances are you will use it just as often in the winter months and a pool heater might just make sense (and cents!) for you.