Do you have a new swimming pool owner on your gift buying list for the holidays? If you do that just makes your gift giving that much easier this shopping season. Buy the new pool owner on your list gifts he or she can enjoy in and around the swimming pool.

It doesn’t matter if it’s winter in your part of the country, the gifts you give this holiday season can be used by the recipients when the next pool swim season rolls around. You don’t know anything about swimming pools or what a pool owner might need? Never fear, we have unique gift ideas for that new pool or hot tub owner on your shopping list.

 What To Buy For The Pool Owner On Your Holiday Gift List

What To Buy For The Pool Owner On Your Holiday Gift ListMonogrammed towels. Know how you’re always taking a towel somewhere and losing it? We’ll bet your pool owning friends lose towels when guests come for a swim. Invest in a set of bath towels or bath blankets (larger than bath towels) with their name on it. Choose a color that you know they like or a designed towel that fits their decor or speaks to something they love — a pet or a sports team.

A life saving ring and life vests that are personalized. A personalized gift is always prized by the owner. When you buy them personalized life vests or a life saving ring these items will remain poolside all season and every time they see them, they will think of you and your thoughtfulness.

 Don’t forget gifts for their beloved pet. If they have a dog or two who swims with them, buy the dog a personalized life vest as well.

In pool games like a volleyball net or basketball hoop. These are fun games that the family can play together and one that will make any pool party even more fun.

Floating waterproof speakers. Do your friends enjoy music or listening to baseball or football games while they’re out of doors? A floating, waterproof speaker will allow them to listen to their favorite music or radio station without ever having to leave the pool.

Pool automation. If they don’t have a robotic pool cleaner or a remote controlled pool skimmer, buy that for them. It will make their pool cleaning tasks that much easier.

An aquatic rock climbing wall. This wall mounts on the side of the swimming pool and guests can scale the wall and fall back into the water when they reach the top.

A high quality pool raft and a remote controlled floating drink holder. You can kick back and relax on the raft and use the remote control to move the floating drink holder toward the side of the pool where hopefully there will be someone waiting to remove the empty and send out a full drink!

What To Buy For The Pool Owner On Your Holiday Gift ListEquipment and cooking utensils for their outdoor kitchen. If they have an outdoor kitchen, help them equip it by buying high quality cooking utensils and pans and other items you may have noticed they were lacking. Buying an additional set of silverware or plates and cups will allow them to fill the outdoor kitchen without having to bring items from the house every time they entertain.

Do some detective work and find out who their pool service contractor is. Buy them a certificate for a season of pool maintenance or buy them a few pool service visits from a local pool professional.

Don’t forget the children. Buying pool gifts for the children is as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids who are playing with the new pool toys. Buy some buckets, swim floats, items that can be dropped in the pool for a treasure hunt, inflatable toys and more. Put all of the items in a plastic kiddie pool and deliver it wrapped in a big red bow. You will be the hit of the gift giving day!

If they are brand new to pool ownership, they may need a little bit of everything. If they are long-term swimming pool owners, ask them what they’re lacking and invest in those items to make their next pool season even more fun.